Why stay in a hotel or motel in Edinburgh

Your home is the haven you retreat to when you've had a long day at work or when you simply want to elope from the hassles of the outside world. However, at times it helps to escape the cocoon that is our home and find someplace else that's more interesting yet equally comforting. With that said, motel and hotel accommodation services can provide just what you need. Below we explore the numerous motel services and facilities that you can enjoy while away from home.

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accommodation edinburgh

Edinburgh is not only famous for its rich history and the perfect blend of both the old and modern contemporary culture. It is also home to a broad array of hotel and motel services where you can enjoy the best of both worlds. From students to corporates, whatever the size of your budget, there is something for everyone.

Why stay in a motel?

Whether you are a globetrotting tourist or a local traveler, living in a motel has its fair share of benefits. First, there's the allure of exploring a new city or town to unearth the hidden gems in your new environment. Some of these hidden gems often come in the form of hotels and picnic sites where you can have fun and relax. Secondly, you stand to benefit from the world-class treatment offered in such establishments depending on the caliber of hotel you pick.

Customized services

Bed and breakfast are standard in most hotels; things just get better from here. A typical high-end motel facility will offer full-service accommodation, a few luxury amenities, and on-site restaurant services. Personalized services usually include concierge, laundry, and clothes pressing as well as room service.

In some motels, guests have the luxury to cool down in outdoor or indoor swimming pools. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a sauna and heated spa. You can even request a private spa bath and a massage session. Gym and wireless internet are other amenities guests can expect to enjoy in these establishments. These are just examples of services you rarely experience in your residence.

Explore the gardens and scenic beauty

One benefits of staying in a boutique style hotel is that you get to enjoy beautiful walks in the plush well-maintained gardens. Escape the hassles of the busy city by taking pleasant nature walks in these unique settings with your spouse or kids. There's nothing better than having your meals served at the heart of an expansive garden.